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Comments regarding our Products Developed for SAP.


Pendulum designed and ready for development

Electronic Statements

Intelligens assists with the implementation of Electronic PDF statements to be sent to customer base. This development and implementation comes as a welcoming benefit to their customer base.

BCS Virtual Monitor

BCS automation enabling mass processing across multiple planning periods in the Planning Monitor. This enhancement extends to BPS and visa versa allowing BCS to utilise formula and calculations from BPS from within the BCS Planning Monitor.

REFLEX – Ster Kinekor a successful conversion

Intelligens announces successful REFLEX project with Ster Kinekor. Using REFLEX the team was able to successfully migrate to Flex GL with Document Splitting. The conversion run was achieved under 8 hours and seen as a massive success to all involved.

SIAMEASE – Connect and Go

SAP Australia picks Siamease to assist with the build of their Connect and Go Product.


Reflex developed to migrate FLEX-GL. Enabling conversion from Classic GL to Flex GL with Document Splitting.

INTEDEX – Toyota HR Migration

Intedex migrates HR from one SAP system to another. Highly successful project with rapid cut-over plan ( < 7.5 hours )

INTEDEX – CSR Australia

Intedex developed and implemented at first client ( CSR Australia )

SIAMEASE – Nedbank

Nedbank chooses Siamease to assist with continual business improvements. Siamease was selected because it assists with Data migration, embedded automation, mass data maintenance and end user transaction automation.

Gold Circle – SAP Support

Intelligens offering finance and development support.


Conlog buys Siamease to assist with Engineering changes that affect Bills of Materials and mass master data maintenance. Siamease is completely driven by business users in the quality systems so that the business can see the impact of mass changes before implementing into Production.

Siamease – nVidia successful migration

Intelligens is pleased to announce that nVidia has picked Siamease as their product of choice for their SAP implementation. Siamease is an excellent fit for their excellent skillsets and advanced implementation. In addition to Data migration, Siamease was selected for its testing, interface, automation and business process oriented facilities.


Trust developed on 4.6 and migrated to 4.7 platform.

Trust – Data analysis tool

Trust developed on 4.6 and migrated to 4.7 platform.

Robertsons – SAP Implementation

Intelligens teams with SAP Africa for the implementation at Robertsons Spice.