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Utilisation of existing module into other modules

SPM Multi Dimensional Pricing

special pricing 2

Intelligens develops its multi-dimensional pricing module for SAP.

If you price from Spreadsheets or use multiple variable components in your pricing then SPM is the product to use.

With multi-currency support and auditable results, SPM can integrate into existing pricing, while taking advantage of existing pricing functionality.

SWIFT Integration to SAP DME

Intelligens has successfully developed the integration to the SWIFT Banking platform. The development integrates SAP Financial payments via DME into SAP TRM correspondence. SAP TRM then manages the status control on payments issued over the SWIFT network. This ensures that pre-screening and ACK processing is enabled through a consistent frontend to business users.

Yahoo Market Data feed

Intelligens develops real-time market data feed between SAP and Yahoo Finance. This development is direct from SAP and updates every 2-3 seconds. Critical for trading platforms and environments that needs accurate forex market data.

Capitalised VAT Calculations on CML loans

Intelligens develops automated VAT flows on CML loans through Derived Flow logic that Capitalises VAT onto Contracts. This development ensures that VAT calculations are determined through VAT configuration and no longer requires multiple conditions to be added to a contract for each VAT-able charge. It also ensures that compound capitalised calculations can project future VAT flows to ensure that the repayment installment correctly pays off the loan without needing a final repayment condition to cleanup the loan.

Web Based Trading Dashboard

Intelligens teams up with IZAZI to develop a web based dashboard for Traders in the SAP TRM space. This development calculates Profit and Loss and Currency positions reporting this in a real time dashboard with exchange rate adjustments reported immediately.

SAP to CXL Interface

Intelligens solutions successfully implements realtime SOAP interface between SAP and CXL.

Enabling SAP to fully automate CXL process directly from SAP, thus ensuring that SAP can not only execute business processes in CXL but  extract data from CXL into SAP and SAP BW.

The interface acts as a proxy between SAP thus allowing simpler ABAP coding from the SAP system to fully utilise the TriplePoint functionality.


CXL dataflow1

This development pushes the boundaries of the SAP Internet Communication Framework and enables high level communication and an object oriented architecture.

CXL dataflow2

CXL for Triplepoint

Intelligens develops bidirectional SOAP interface between SAP and Triple points CXL system for exciting Atlas Trading project.

Nedbank Property Finance – SAP Upgrade

Intelligens supports Nedbank with another successful SAP upgrade. This is largely due to the massive reduction in modifications to the system and the implementation of a upgradable enhancement framework.

TPL Netweaver Development Phase 2

Intelligens support Transnet pipelines with its second phase Portal development. This functionality ensures that customer deliveries are managed down to truck detail levels and ensures that accurate deliveries are made to Transnet customers. The enhancements also successfully simplify complex processes and capture into dashboards that are easily read and controlled. This development uses advanced object oriented dynamic web dynpro development ensuring that external parties can transact with Transnet through their portal systems.

Multi Payment Systems

Intelligens develops multi payment system for Premfin. This custom enhancement to SAP ensures that Premfin business can expand its business offering without additional pressure on internal resources.

CML Condition Assistant

Intelligens implements condition assistant into CML module. This exiting enhancement to SAP allows the business to a auto populate conditions assigned to loans. This development ensures that complex conditions are captured accurately and that the necessary validations automatically apply. Overall the assistant facilitates the implementation of advanced mature products to their customer base.

CML Enhanced Plug ins

Intelligens enables enhancements to Standard SAP Corporate Loans to facilitate in-house development. This development enables custom built applications to be plugged into the Standard CML loan screens thus integrating custom built solutions directly into the users workplace.

Business Partner BDT enhancements

Intelligens Supports Nedbank with Business Partner enhancements ensuring that legislative requirements are managed within SAP Business Partners.

BCS Virtual Monitor

BCS automation enabling mass processing across multiple planning periods in the Planning Monitor. This enhancement extends to BPS and visa versa allowing BCS to utilise formula and calculations from BPS from within the BCS Planning Monitor.