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Various systems we have interfaced to

Yahoo Market Data feed

Intelligens develops real-time market data feed between SAP and Yahoo Finance. This development is direct from SAP and updates every 2-3 seconds. Critical for trading platforms and environments that needs accurate forex market data.

SWIFT Integration to SAP DME

Intelligens has successfully developed the integration to the SWIFT Banking platform. The development integrates SAP Financial payments via DME into SAP TRM correspondence. SAP TRM then manages the status control on payments issued over the SWIFT network. This ensures that pre-screening and ACK processing is enabled through a consistent frontend to business users.

SAP to BIZTALK integration

Intelligens develops integrated solutions to Biztalk File Handling and Web Services – both published and consumed. Thus enabling central point network control for the Bank.

Web Based Trading Dashboard

Intelligens teams up with IZAZI to develop a web based dashboard for Traders in the SAP TRM space. This development calculates Profit and Loss and Currency positions reporting this in a real time dashboard with exchange rate adjustments reported immediately.

SAP to CXL Interface

Intelligens solutions successfully implements realtime SOAP interface between SAP and CXL.

Enabling SAP to fully automate CXL process directly from SAP, thus ensuring that SAP can not only execute business processes in CXL but  extract data from CXL into SAP and SAP BW.

The interface acts as a proxy between SAP thus allowing simpler ABAP coding from the SAP system to fully utilise the TriplePoint functionality.


CXL dataflow1

This development pushes the boundaries of the SAP Internet Communication Framework and enables high level communication and an object oriented architecture.

CXL dataflow2

CXL for Triplepoint

Intelligens develops bidirectional SOAP interface between SAP and Triple points CXL system for exciting Atlas Trading project.

Siamease-Mobile extends reach of SAP to Senior Management


Siamease 5 has always been a massive competitive advantage to our SAP customers. Providing automation, interfacing and control over mass data capture.


Siamease Mobile extends this advantage by bringing SAP Reporting and Data capture to the mobile landscape. Allowing standard reports to be readily available on any web based platform from smartphones to Ipad / tablets.


Online Bank Statements

Intelligens assists Nedbank with Online real time electronic bank statements. &The solution harnesses SAP Enterprise Portals, Webdynpro and Adobe Forms. Critical to this project was the online security aspects requiring a number of secure ssl communication layers including Web dispatchers.

Grindrod Shipping – Sea Supplier Interface

Interface developed between SeaSupply Procurement system and SAP Materials Management. This interface synchronises master data and automates the creation of Purchased Orders.

Grindrod Shipping IMOS to SAP interface

Intelligens completes a successful SAP implementation with SAP Africa and Grindrod Unicorn and IVS.

Finance and Logistics being used with bidirectional interfaces to IMOS shipping software. Special Ledger used to blend shipping data with financials. moncler outlet polo

Financial Interfaces

Intelligens supports Nedbank with Financial Interfaces into SAP system. This development improves the quality of data in SAP as well as speeds up the integration to branches and non SAP systems.

HR Payroll interface

HR Payroll interface into SAP.