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Reflex Migrates Platinum Mine


REFLEX announces another successful FLEX/GL migration and at platinum mine. With 20 years of data, 90 million line items migrated and a business restructure, Reflex stood front and center on delivery.


Reflex selected for Coca-Cola Cambodia conversion

Reflex excited to be selected by Coca-Cola Cambodia for their SAP Flex/GL migration.

Coca-Cola Cambodia

Reflex migrates Flex/GL for AEL


REFLEX has another success story at AEL. With fantastic support from implementation partners the conversion was done quickly, effectively and in budget.


Reflex builds mSCOA for Amathole District Municipality


A REFLEX success, with Intelligens teaming up with big brother EOH to implement mSCOA with 7 Segments into Public Sector Amathole District Municipality.

REFLEX was able to rebuild SAP Flex-GL with 7 characteristics and ensured that all financial postings adhered strictly to the mSCOA legislation requirements.

Using Reflex, the EOH SAP team reprocessed all historic financial documents to ensure that all journals were accounted for in the new Funds Management Ledger, with all characteristics populated and mapped accordingly. By reprocessing all historic documents we were also able to put new business rules through its paces to ensure that the solution was robust and complete.

A key advantage of Reflex was its ability to quickly adapt to project changes and allowed the functional teams to forge the best solution for their client.

A successful go-live. Well done team!

Reflex success at Bell Equipment FlexGL conversion


Intelligens is pleased to announce another successful REFLEX  project with the massively successful migration of Classic Finance to SAP FlexGL for BELL South Africa.

Partnering with Alliance Enterprise Consulting, the conversion team saw a seemless migration to FlexGL with document splitting. With the production conversion run being done over a single day.




BW – SASOL Amonia Business reporting

Intelligens helps the Ammonia division successfully implement the BW Business Reporting solution. The solution is based on Profitability Analysis and is the driver for the price to profitability initiative currently running in the Sasol Group.

SAP Scoping Review

Intelligens partnered with SAP Africa for the management of pre scoping as well as planning and executing all workshops and discussions for the Finance and Controlling modules

SAB Miller Support Office – Finance Stream

Intelligens provided key support functions for SAB Miller and related SAP system issues

SAB Miller Treasury – Citibank Migration

Intelligens provided key Finance consulting for the full migration of all SABMiller Treasury bank accounts in London from Barclays to Citibank. This engagement entailed the full configuration and implementation of 5 Citibank payment file formats and MT940 bank statement uploads incorporating multi currency and multi country bank requirements

SAB Miller Triumph – Global Deferred Taxation Solution

Intelligens also engaged in the formulation and development of a global deferred taxation program calculation for migration into the SAB Miller Triumph Global template for initial use in Poland and Ecuador.

Transnet Pipelines – Asset Stabilisation

Asset Stabilisation Development

Gold Circle – Customer Support

Intelligens supports Goldcircle with Finance and development support.

Mass Processing Correspondence

Intelligens assists Nedbank Property Finance with SAP Mass Correspondence ensuring that correspondence to customers can be channelled through various format channels, thus offering extended customer service to the Nedbank Clientele.

TPL Netweaver Development Phase 2

Intelligens support Transnet pipelines with its second phase Portal development. This functionality ensures that customer deliveries are managed down to truck detail levels and ensures that accurate deliveries are made to Transnet customers. The enhancements also successfully simplify complex processes and capture into dashboards that are easily read and controlled. This development uses advanced object oriented dynamic web dynpro development ensuring that external parties can transact with Transnet through their portal systems.

NBI – Data Migration

Intelligens support Nedbank with the successful migration of NBI into their SAP system. SIAMEASE was used extensively as the migration tool and comfortably managed SAP standard and custom legislative information needed in the financial sector.

SAP NERSA Regulatory Reporting

Intelligens provided key Finance consulting for SAP Africa for the Global Asset IFRS Prototype Development responsible for the Revaluation and Impairments requirements for the Transnet group for the Global asset prototype solution.

Ster Kinekor – Company Split

Intelligens supports Ster Kinekor with the successful split of a company code. Ensuring that the business can apply accurate business rules and management of current and historic data.

Grindrod Shipping – Go-Live

Go Live

Grindrod Shipping IMOS to SAP interface

Intelligens completes a successful SAP implementation with SAP Africa and Grindrod Unicorn and IVS.

Finance and Logistics being used with bidirectional interfaces to IMOS shipping software. Special Ledger used to blend shipping data with financials. moncler outlet polo