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Comments regarding our Products Developed for SAP.

Reflex Migrates Platinum Mine


REFLEX announces another successful FLEX/GL migration and at platinum mine. With 20 years of data, 90 million line items migrated and a business restructure, Reflex stood front and center on delivery.


Reflex selected for Coca-Cola Cambodia conversion

Reflex excited to be selected by Coca-Cola Cambodia for their SAP Flex/GL migration.

Coca-Cola Cambodia

Reflex migrates Flex/GL for AEL


REFLEX has another success story at AEL. With fantastic support from implementation partners the conversion was done quickly, effectively and in budget.


RCL Foods – Vector Logistics puts Siamease SAP Automation through its paces


Intelligens is pleased to announce that RCL FOODS has begun its roll-out of  SIAMEASE across its SAP landscape. With VECTOR LOGISTICS first in line with this roll out, their skilled SAP specialists are no strangers to SAP, so we are really pleased that they have added Siamease to their suite of support tools.  We expect to hear great things from them in due course. Well Done.


Grindrod adopts Siamease for Production Support


Intelligens is pleased to announce that Grindrod has adopted Siamease for SAP Production Support. During the SAP implementation, Siamease was used extensively in automating backend SAP transactions. Coupled to ABAP dashboards,  this enabled the functional team to develop automated clearing and financial postings from simple reconcilliation dashboards to ensure accurate and rapid postings into SAP.

Using Siamease transaction assistant, production users can access Siamease tasks to automate routine tasks. This is accessible  to the user directly in the SAP transaction that they are accustomed and authorised to run.

Reflex builds mSCOA for Amathole District Municipality


A REFLEX success, with Intelligens teaming up with big brother EOH to implement mSCOA with 7 Segments into Public Sector Amathole District Municipality.

REFLEX was able to rebuild SAP Flex-GL with 7 characteristics and ensured that all financial postings adhered strictly to the mSCOA legislation requirements.

Using Reflex, the EOH SAP team reprocessed all historic financial documents to ensure that all journals were accounted for in the new Funds Management Ledger, with all characteristics populated and mapped accordingly. By reprocessing all historic documents we were also able to put new business rules through its paces to ensure that the solution was robust and complete.

A key advantage of Reflex was its ability to quickly adapt to project changes and allowed the functional teams to forge the best solution for their client.

A successful go-live. Well done team!

Bell adopts Siamease for innovation changes


We are pleased that, with BELL EQUIPMENT's innovation upgrades, they have adopted SIAMEASE for their SAP system. This will enable them to implement AUTOMATED DATA CHANGES and ensure that their SAP technology is cost effective and current. The Siamease Intelligent Validations Engine has also been upgraded with  improved and automatic business validation rules. Also included is the ability to pre-check isolated field changes, before mass changes are applied. We are also driving scenario-based maintenance changes that we believe will allow Bell to stream-line their DATA GOVERNANCE.

Reflex success with Coca-Cola Vietnam & Myanmar




Intelligens is pleased to announce a successful FLEX-GL conversion with REFLEX. Intelligens teamed up with the Britehouse finance team to implement and build additional non-leading ledgers with different fiscal year variants as well as historic corrections to the leading ledger.

The project successfully converted Coca-Cola Vietnam and Coca-Cola Myanmar.


Reflex success at Bell Equipment FlexGL conversion


Intelligens is pleased to announce another successful REFLEX  project with the massively successful migration of Classic Finance to SAP FlexGL for BELL South Africa.

Partnering with Alliance Enterprise Consulting, the conversion team saw a seemless migration to FlexGL with document splitting. With the production conversion run being done over a single day.



Reflex 1.17 – The all new migration tool for SAP FlexGL has arrived



REFLEX,the popular new-GL conversion tool has just been upgraded. The new migration tool is packed with new features making the conversion simpler, easier to control, understandable and drives the project delivery process. With added support functionality for non-leading ledgers, post conversion fixes and reconciliation reports. This product is a must have for all SAP customers thinking of going over to the SAP New-GL ( FlexGL ) and customers using FlexGL who want to implement additional reporting ledgers.

PPC adopts Siamease for restructure


We are pleased to announce that  PPC has adopted Siamease as its conversion tool for its SAP company restructure. Siamease was selected as it extends the capability of each team member. Enabling internal solutions that adapt and expand as the project matures.


Nedbank Group adopts Siamease


A big welcome to Nedbank.

Nedbank Group has adopted Siamease for Production support automation. Siamease integrates into Standard SAP transactions and allows easy batch processing.

"Siamease integrates directly into the transactions that users already access - allowing the business to run batch loads that previously our support staff had to run"

SPM Multi Dimensional Pricing

special pricing 2

Intelligens develops its multi-dimensional pricing module for SAP.

If you price from Spreadsheets or use multiple variable components in your pricing then SPM is the product to use.

With multi-currency support and auditable results, SPM can integrate into existing pricing, while taking advantage of existing pricing functionality.

Symail – Email SAP Responder

Fully Integrate inbound Email to SAP. Automate data capture into SAP via Siamease Mail integration as well as request reports and output from SAP via Email.

SIAMEASE – GMS/GFS successful Data Migration

Intelligens has seen a successful data migration for Grindrod Management Systems and Grindrod Freight Services using SIAMEASE as the data migration tool. Siamease’s ability to adapt to customer changes in the data preparation and installation makes this tool a perfect fit for the project. With many data files being prepared from numerous geographic locations it was essential to be flexible and responsive.

SWIFT Integration to SAP DME

Intelligens has successfully developed the integration to the SWIFT Banking platform. The development integrates SAP Financial payments via DME into SAP TRM correspondence. SAP TRM then manages the status control on payments issued over the SWIFT network. This ensures that pre-screening and ACK processing is enabled through a consistent frontend to business users.

Yahoo Market Data feed

Intelligens develops real-time market data feed between SAP and Yahoo Finance. This development is direct from SAP and updates every 2-3 seconds. Critical for trading platforms and environments that needs accurate forex market data.

Risk Adjustment in Limit Management

Intelligens assists Izazi with SAP TRM limit management. Through the excellent Izazi support and technical development from Intelligens Engen is now able to accurately measure positive and negative risk within Credit Risk Analyser.

Web Based Trading Dashboard

Intelligens teams up with IZAZI to develop a web based dashboard for Traders in the SAP TRM space. This development calculates Profit and Loss and Currency positions reporting this in a real time dashboard with exchange rate adjustments reported immediately.

SAP to CXL Interface

Intelligens solutions successfully implements realtime SOAP interface between SAP and CXL.

Enabling SAP to fully automate CXL process directly from SAP, thus ensuring that SAP can not only execute business processes in CXL but  extract data from CXL into SAP and SAP BW.

The interface acts as a proxy between SAP thus allowing simpler ABAP coding from the SAP system to fully utilise the TriplePoint functionality.


CXL dataflow1

This development pushes the boundaries of the SAP Internet Communication Framework and enables high level communication and an object oriented architecture.

CXL dataflow2