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Warehouse Management


Intelligens Warehousing excellence - "Optimal blend of People, Process, System and Technology"

Warehouse Maturity Index

Warehouse Cycle: Plan, Execute, Measure, Adjust


Warehouse Planning Excellence

*         Advanced Supply Chain planning Integration

*         Transportation integration (Inbound/Outbound)

*         Warehouse capacity planning

*         Supply Chain collaboration: Vendor ASN (batch, expiry date, packing)

*         Warehouse activity and resource scheduling


Warehouse Execution Excellence

*         Product recognition (Handling unit management, Batch management)

*         Product traceability (Barcode, RFID)

*         System guided processes (receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking, packing, loading and dispatch)

*         Dynamic Task and Resource allocation

*         Optimal technology integration: RFID, Barcode scanning, Voice  Guided, ASRS

*         Real Time Measurement of all activities


Warehouse Measurement and Performance Excellence

*         Real Time performance feedback (actual vs planned)

*         Dash boarding cockpits for all Key processes.

*         Organisational Structure designed to promote speed and agility in key to decision making.