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Netweaver Web and Portal


Web Dynpro Supply and Fit Australia

Web Front-end to Oil Industry in South Africa

Web Collection Solutions



"Netweaver Development is more than simply coding programs. Its purpose is to knit business processes and allow effective communication between people working together. "

Intelligens engages in all the technical aspects of this idioligy. It participates itself, using these tools to manage its own business.

Web Dynpro

Advanced application development for web based solutions. Intelligens has managed and developed several WebDynpro projects and is actively involved in this area of development.


Visual Composer

Engaging a  user base outside of the normal SAPGUI user is typically seen as complex. Portal Visual Composer engages management and external users with a professional web Flash application. With its Rapid Development cycle Intelligens can guarantee success in this area.


Adobe Interactive Forms

Interactive forms generated from SAP that provide editable PDF's that can be emailed or embedded into Web Applications.

Enterprise Portals

SAP Portals is a focus on getting people to participate in your business. SAP Portals facilitates the engagement with external users (clients) and provides the conduit to web applications developed in SAP (WebDynpro, Visual Composer etc).


Web Services

Develop Proxy classes and subscribe to UUDI web services.



ITS Internet Transaction Server

Broadcast Query Reporting onto the Portal via ITS



BSP 1.0 and 2.0 Development with integration into BI