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Technical Solutions Development

Advanced Technical Development

With an intimate knowledge of turning the screws under the SAP bonnet to enhance and automate  business solutions. This is the playground that our advanced development team plays in.


From the outset or development team prides itself on being competent. Being fully adept at advanced object oriented ABAP and comfortable with the full Netweaver development toolset including
Advanced Web Dynpro, interactive Adobe forms, Web services and Portal development.

Advanced Object Oriented ABAP Development

  • Interfacing
  • Correspondence
  • Custom In-house Development
  • SAP Complimentary Products
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Business Process Automation
  • Integrated Validations Engine
  • Workflow
  • Archiving
With a careful eye on development standards and sustainable architecture the team is lead by Clive Simmonds. Personal responsible for the development of 4 international SAP products his experience talks only to making the imaginable real. With more than 20 years SAP experience and over 22 implementations he understands the heart beat of SAP.
His team is especially focused on repurposing modules and components of modules to better suit the clients needs. Finding innovative ways to open doors and opportunities for our clients to achieve a competitive edge.  Finding ways to get the most out of what you already have.
This manifests itself into the development of configurable multi purpose tools that are business driven solving real business problems. 
The team prides itself on the culture of its development ensuring that they remain an enthusiastic motivated team that works hand in hand with our experienced business team.  Being agents of integration between the different teams within Intelligens, from Basis, Functional consulting to Business Intelligence and Business Decision Dashboards.
Integration that is just as experienced in logistics, finance, materials management and production as it is in industry solutions and other areas such as
  • CFM Corporate Finance Management.
  • TRM Treasury Risk Management
  • TSW Traders Schedulers Workbench
  • Cash Management
  • Special Ledgers
  • Info Systems
  • Workflow
  • Archiving
A team that is self managed with advanced task management and project planning.
A team that we are proud of.  
  • Interactive Adobe
  • Web Dynpro
  • Portal Development
  • Visual Composer
  • Mobile Solutions


Web Development