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Siamease-Mobile extends reach of SAP to Senior Management


Siamease 5 has always been a massive competitive advantage to our SAP customers. Providing automation, interfacing and control over mass data capture.


Siamease Mobile extends this advantage by bringing SAP Reporting and Data capture to the mobile landscape. Allowing standard reports to be readily available on any web based platform from smartphones to Ipad / tablets.


Vector Logistics – Core SAP Support

Intelligens assists Vector Logistic with continual SAP support resources in Sales and Distribution and Materials Management.

10 year Live celebration with Nedbank Property Finance

Intelligens celebrates 10 years support with Nedbank Property Finance as our client looks back at the last decade. &With many successful projects achieved after go live, Intelligens has strived to assist Nedbank as if it were its own personal system. nfl jerseys game vs elite green bay &Key successes in this project has led to the greater Nedbank Group moving onto SAP.

REFLEX for FlexGl migration

Intelligens announces Reflex. A simple yet advanced tool to migrate finance from classic to flex gl with document splitting.  No year end constraints and it can load open items. Being capable of rolling flex gl back to a point, adjusting document splitting rules then rolling forward workout affecting classic finance data is an essential tool for customers who already have flex gl and customers wanting to migrate.

TPL Netweaver Development Phase 2

Intelligens support Transnet pipelines with its second phase Portal development. This functionality ensures that customer deliveries are managed down to truck detail levels and ensures that accurate deliveries are made to Transnet customers. The enhancements also successfully simplify complex processes and capture into dashboards that are easily read and controlled. This development uses advanced object oriented dynamic web dynpro development ensuring that external parties can transact with Transnet through their portal systems.

REFLEX – Ster Kinekor a successful conversion

Intelligens announces successful REFLEX project with Ster Kinekor. Using REFLEX the team was able to successfully migrate to Flex GL with Document Splitting. The conversion run was achieved under 8 hours and seen as a massive success to all involved.

UBR – Electronic Remittance Advice

Intelligens successfully implements IDOC Remittance between Pick n Pay and Unilever. The facility allows for payment advice to be received electronically then automatically matched to open items. Rapidly speeding up claims and credit note disputes thus dramatically enhancing payment management.


Trust – Data analysis tool

Trust developed on 4.6 and migrated to 4.7 platform.

Average Balance Ledger

Intelligens successfully implements average Balance Ledger for Nedbank Property Finance.
Using Finance Special Ledgers we were able to merge financial information with corporate loans. This then forms the backbone to calculating cost of funds at a detail level as well as enabling rapid reporting and other critical calculations.